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Standard Brand Guide For Your Logo

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Brand guide service

In essence, a *Brand Guide is a set of rules* of how your brand and brand identification will be used in all products, services or marketing activities. With a Brand Guide, you will be able to standardize the use of your logo and set forth a consistent look and feel of your brand throughout your entire company.

*The Standard Brand Guide includes the following Elements:*

- Cover Design
- About/Vision/Mission Statements

*The Tone of Voice:*
- Brand Attributes
- Brand Voice Profile

*The Logo Usage:*
- Corporate Logo and Alternate Use
- Logo Minimum Size
- Logo Versions
- Logo Spacing and Clearance
- Logo Co-Branding Zone Clearance
- Logo Construction Breakdown
- Logo Common Misuse (Do's and Do Not's)

*The Color Guide:*
- Brand Primary Colors with Color Codes
- Brand Secondary Colors with Codes (If applicable)
- Brand Support Colors

*The Logo on Images:*
- Logo Variation for Images
- Image Treatment for Logo Positioning

*The Brand Typeface:*
- Summary of the Brand Font and Styles
- Brand Primary Typeface
- Brand Secondary Typeface (If Applicable)
- Brand Typography Hierarchy

*The Use of Imagery:*
- Brand Color Image Style
- Brand Acceptable Images
- Brand Image Attribute
(Note: All images are to be provided by the client, otherwise we will be using free-stock imagery).

- An organized A4 book ready for print and digital media
- In Landscape mode
- Delivered in PDF format (native source file in InDesign is available upon request, Illustrator version can be provided instead with advanced notification.)

If you prefer a particular size or mode, please notify in advance. We will charge a full redesign payment if the notice of a different size is given at the end of the project.

The price for my Standard Brand Guide service is *$399.00.* Let me know if this is ok with you and I will gladly *forward you a detailed invoice.*

Note: If my Standard Brand Guide is either missing an element or has elements not applicable to your specific needs, please let me know; I will review the request and adjust the Standard Brand Guide and Price accordingly.

*Things I will need from you in order to get started:*
- The logo you would consider the preferred logo.
- The logo you would consider as an alternate (if applicable)
- The logo symbol and logo work mark (if applicable)
- All logo variations (if applicable)
- Typically, the main colors are extracted from the aforementioned logo; but feel free to provide them if they are different otherwise.
- Provide as much detail as possible about the Company(i.e background, vision, mission, website, email, etc...) as it will provide a better picture for those following the guidelines.
- Provide all Logo versions in either a pdf, eps or ai file format.

*After we agree on the scope, the payment has been secured; and either an eps, pdf or ai versions of your logo has been uploaded;* I will get back to you with assumptions, questions and anything else I might need in order to prepare your company's Brand Guide.

- An additional fee of *$75.00* will be applicable for keeping the project completely Private and not be published anywhere. Otherwise, I retain the right to reproduce, publish and display the deliverables in my portfolios, websites, and other media or exhibits for recognition of creative excellence or professional advancement.
- It takes time to produce a quality design that works for your needs. Thus the 8 days turnaround refers to the average time needed to create an initial concept.
- Revisions will be done within 24-48 hours.
- The duration of the project may not exceed 30 days, starting with the date payment was secured.

What you will get

The Brand Guide will be supplied as a PDF so you can share it with your team, partners and other designers to ensure consistency.

Portable Document Format (PDF)